Give a loved one a white smile this Christmas

5 minute walk from Waterloo train station!
5 minute walk from Waterloo train station!

Hello to you all! I’m writing from Denture Cosmetics in Waterloo, Liverpool, about our business. Here at Denture Cosmetics our goal is to have all clients eating, talking and smiling with confidence, and we are very proud to say that that is a goal that we do achieve! (If we do say so ourselves!)

The service we provide gives us an overwhelming sense of pride, in how happy we make our clients, therefore the reason for this blog is to get new people reading and interested in coming and seeing us, and seeing how we can help them. It may not be for yourself, it may be for your mum or dad, or Grandma or granddad- or anyone really! Going off personal experience, I can say that a denture that doesn’t fit right, or that isn’t precisely what you wanted, can cause serious confidence issues, and even in some cases serious pain. Let me tell you, we are here to help. We want your denture to be comfortable, functional, and to fit perfectly as well as suiting your face. Our technicians here have, between them, nearly 70 years of experience. As well as making excellent quality, functional dentures, they use cosmetic techniques to ease any wrinkles away, make the lips fuller and have a sparkling white smile. All of this is done direct through ourselves, with no dentists, no drilling, and no injections.

Pop in today to see how we can help you!
Pop in today to see how we can help you!

It’s that time of year as well now, where we’re all thinking about Christmas. I don’t know about any of you lovely people, but every year for as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled to think of what to get my grandma and granddad for Christmas! Or not even them, maybe your parents, or aunties or uncles or anyone really. Why not give them one of our gift cards? For some people eating a Christmas dinner is a really daunting prospect because of the fit of their dentures, or they’re ashamed to go and see their loved ones because they don’t like their smile. We can solve all of those problems- a beautiful, youthful smile (or any kind of smile they want!) could improves someone’s Christmas and quality of life- and our gift cards aren’t solely for Christmas, they last all year round- it could also work well for birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day or anything really!

We offer a discreet, one to one appointment service, 0% interest finance plans, and home visits. Why not give us a call and come along to a free consultation, to see how we can help you?

Have a nice day now!

– Everyone at Denture Cosmetics 🙂


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