Here to help over the festive period

Good day to you all! Christmas is fast approaching, it’s the week of black Friday deals and everyone is on the hunt for that one thing to make their Christmas perfect… and we think we can add to that!

In my life, I’ve witnessed plenty of people have their Christmas ruined by a broken denture, or a crown coming off- maybe you bit into your pudding and broke it on the coin, or you’ve just eaten too many sweets and your denture has broken. (Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all done it)

We are now overjoyed to announce that we can have your smile looking as good as new for that all important family party and photo’s! Although we cannot guarantee that it will be a permanent fix, we can have it done while you wait, as opposed to having to wait an awfully long time for a dentist appointment, and the treatment we provide will help you keep your dignity, confidence and of course your winning smile, until a more permanent solution can be found!

Let us help you this Christmas, nothing should ruin the magical festive season!

  • Cat šŸ™‚

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