Teeth Whitening: Safer,More affordable,First class service


The best way to spread Christmas Glee, is a Bright White Smile for all to see.


I’m sure with Christmas rapidly approaching, we’re all thinking how we can look our best with family parties, festive photo’s, staff nights out- anything! Now let me tell you why Denture Cosmetic’s teeth whitening service is the best option for you.

We will give you the best and most professional service you could ask for, whilst being more affordable than dentist’s laser treatment, plus what we provide will last longer! Our bleaching splints are custom made to fit your teeth, with pockets in that you put the bleach into. Now a lot of people will see our price for these products, £100, and say “Why should I pay that much? I can get one for £20.” The products that are bought over the counter do have serious health implications however, as well as the quality being of a lower standard. Because the splints are not custom made to your teeth, the bleach will not spread evenly over them and may result in spots on your teeth- which isn’t a great look for the family photo’s! Again because the splint isn’t made to fit you specifically, it can be too big and the bleach can come out in your mouth, meaning the wearer instinctively swallows it- thereby potentially leading to ulcers in the stomach and throat. The splints that are made here are designed to stop that happening, and if you do have any problems or queries, our clinical dental technicians are always happy to talk or see you to make your experience better.

Not everyone is suitable for bleaching their teeth- certain people will have sensitive gums or gum disease, caused by general living, and we would always recommend that those people go to a dentist before bleaching- and we would strongly advise that they do not buy bleach over the counter, as possible side effects include root damage, tooth sensitivity and gum shrinking. We can work alongside with dentists, in order to make sure you receive the type of treatment that is right for you.

And finally, to conclude, I believe that the greatest benefit of the tooth whitening service provided here is that for £100 you get a splint that you can use at your own leisure, as opposed to spending an hour in the dentist, and it will last a lifetime!

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