Meet the Team

Denture Cosmetics is a small business- we have owner and Clinical Dental Technician Mr Pete Mott, who has been in the trade since 1964, so he really does know every trick in the book! Pete trained at the Liverpool Dental Hospital where he spent many happy years. He was also privileged to work with a very talented dentist, between them perfecting the technique now known as the Copy Technique. Peter then did the KSS Deanery Course for CDT’s and graduated at the Faculty of General Dental Practices (UK) at the Royal College of Surgeons in England.

Then we have Pete’s son Richard, who took a shine to his Dad’s career early on in life! He has been pursuing his career for 19 years. Since leaving school, age 16, Richard threw himself into work, starting his RDT with his Dad and then going on to graduate from Liverpool Community College in July 2001, as well as working closely alongside a Dental Surgeon who taught and sponsored him to learn specialist courses in Orthodontics and prosthetics in Germany. These days, Richard works alongside his father, Pete, here at Denture Cosmetics.

And last (but hopefully not least…) we have me! My name’s Catherine, I’m new to the business, and have been hired to manage the businesses social media endeavours! On top of that, I am the primary front of house staff member and it is my responsibility that all clients receive service with a smile. I have a qualification in Media, so I am all about publicising the business positively online, whilst also conversing with clients, as I do rely on their help to support the business online. My primary role is to be helpful to every client that walks through Denture Cosmetics doors, and to make everyone feel comfortable in our waiting room.

I hope you like our blog, and it makes you come and see us! Enjoy!

  • Catherine C 🙂

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